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My Autumn Dollar Tree Haul ~ Get ready for Fall with craft supplies and ideas from the Dollar Tree ||

My Autumn Dollar Tree Haul

It’s finally autumn! Fall is by far my favorite time of year, and now that my Moose has officially had his birthday, and all the superhero decorations have all come down, I can break out all my pumpkins, flannel, and other warm and comfy fall decor. But I did want to pick up a few new things and stick to my budget at the same time. So off to my favorite dollar store I went! This week I’m sharing a few…

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My Favorite Dollar Tree Craft Supplies - A few of my go-to craft finds from the Dollar Tree that save me a little money when I'm

My Favorite Dollar Tree Craft Supplies

I am a thrifty lady. Whenever I’m in need of something new, one of my first thoughts is always “what’s the lowest price I can find this for?”. This goes double for craft supplies! And, since I’m always crafting something, I really need to watch the bottom line. So in the interest of saving a little money on craft materials, today I’m sharing a list of my favorite Dollar Tree craft supplies.   I know there are other types of dollar…

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How I Run a Craft Blog while Raising 2 Small Children - Ways I stay motivated to be productive paper craft blogger while enjoying my time with my kids ||

How I Run a Craft Blog While Raising 2 Small Children

I didn’t start off wanting to have a blog. I just wanted to make stuff with paper. After my Moose was born and I went back to work, I found a way to fill in my creative gap with an Etsy shop. Then things evolved and changed as they tend to do, and I realized how much I enjoy teaching new crafters and breaking down the mystery of quilling paper. So, here I am –  4 years later with a quilling…

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Beautiful Oops ~ An Art Book for Children. Stretch that imagination and see that no drip, drop or blotch is a mistake! ||

Beautiful Oops, An Art Book for Children

One of my first jobs, after I graduated from art school, was with our local children’s museum. I was chosen to work in the art studio where I managed the projects that the education team thought up to reinforce the week’s theme and the museum’s mission of learning through play. It was a dream come true! Every day, I played with messy art supplies and enjoyed the company of incredibly enthusiastic toddlers and preschoolers. My time there came to a…

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Monthly subscription boxes for creative kids and adults ||

Subscription Boxes for Creative Kids and Adults

A few weeks ago, I posted about Mother’s Day presents for crafty mamas. I had so much fun thinking about the ultimate gifts for moms who love to create! But I was so surprised when I heard over and over about how great a subscription box would be to receive as a gift. So I got right to work and found a bunch of other awesome subscription boxes for creative kids and adults! This post contains affiliate links. If you…

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Gift Ideas for the Crafty Mom - A Mother's Day Wish List for a Crafty Mom

A Mother’s Day Wish List for Crafty Moms

Ya’ll, I love being a mama. Moose & the Bean are the most incredible little balls of awesome that I have ever imagined in my wildest dreams. It is my greatest honor to be their mommy and to help them grow up to be the best people they can be. That being said, this mama could use as many breaks as I can get! That’s why I love Mother’s Day! A whole day devoted to moms! We’re usually pretty low-key…

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21 Ways to Find Creative Inspiration for All Types of Craft Projects ||

21 Ways to Find Creative Inspiration

Crafty folks are creative by nature. In fact, we usually have WAY more ideas than we have the time to complete them. But, now and then, every crafter will come up against a roadblock and lack the next brilliant idea. To help in my own little way, I wrote up a quick post of 21 ways to find creative inspiration! This post contains affiliate links. If you click on the links below and make a purchase, I may receive a small compensation…

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Find the perfect book to inspire your creativity ~ The Books Every Crafter Needs to Own ||

The Books Every Crafter Needs To Own

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on the links below and make a purchase, I may receive a small compensation to help me finance this site and keep coming up with awesome tutorials and tips! There’s no cost to you and I only ever include links to companies and products that I trust and work with on a regular basis.  As a paper crafter, it should be no surprise that I love books! I used to be able to…

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Creative space organization art studio storage

Creative Space Organization Ideas

Real truth time. My work space is in a perpetual state of crazy. I would love to be the kind of person who can always keep her work space perfectly neat, but as my husband will tell you, I am not. No sir. I would rather have all my projects out where I can see them as I’m working, than have to clean up every day when I’m done. But saying all that, I still get a huge sense of…

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feature Etsy shops online

8 Sites and Pages That Want to Help Your Creative Business Get Noticed

When you’re trying to build your handmade business, one of the hardest parts is trying get your items in front of the eyes of the buyers. Trust me; I know the struggle. But since one of my goals this year has been to really put myself and my business out there, I’ve been consistently trying to search for those really active, beautiful sites that showcase curated features from shop owners. After doing a little research, I’ve pulled together a list…

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