My name is Meredith, and I am the chief paper roller and owner / designer of The Papery Craftery.


A little background on me: After I graduated from art school, I was looking for a way to stay in that world. I found a small local art association and began volunteering.



As part of that connection, I was able to show work in their gallery, but I wanted to do something different from what they already had.

I fell across some photos of amazing modern quilling techniques and I was hooked!

Now I'm the mama to two crazy-adorable children, Moose and the Bean, and happily married to Mr. Craftery. They patiently pick up teensy scraps of quilling paper up off the floor while I figure out how to recreate everyday objects into paper crafts.

My love of paper has exploded and I started this blog to share the incredible techniques and crafters that I've found.

Along the way, I'll share some tips and tutorials of my own, and also shop updates and how to videos.

paper craft studio


Is there a quilling tutorial or video you'd like to see? Maybe you have a printable suggestion that you'd like to share.

Tell me all about it! Shoot me an email at Meredith@ThePaperyCraftery.com.

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