Quilling Paper Easter Eggs || www.thepaperycraftery.com

Quilling Paper Easter Eggs

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on the links below and make a purchase, I may receive a small compensation to help me finance this site and keep coming up with awesome tutorials and tips! I only ever include links to companies and products that I trust and work with on a regular basis.  After a super mild winter, the snow is steadily falling today in Delaware as I write this Easter post. Seriously, it was in the 70’s…

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Learn quilling basics How to make paper teardrops and other shapes || www.thepaperycraftery.com

How to Make Paper Teardrops and Other Shapes

When I last left off, I was explaining the ways to roll quilling paper into coils.  Once you’ve mastered the art of making even coils, it’s time to take your quilling practice to the next level! While the circles formed from paper coils are perfectly lovely shapes on their own, the majority of quilling art comes from what you make of those coils. And so, for the next post in this series for quilling beginners, I’m focusing on how to…

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Quilling Basics: How to Make Simple Paper Coils

How to Make Simple Quilling Paper Coils

I have to start out today with an apology. I have been so focused these last couple years in creating fun quilling tutorials, that I’ve never sat down and written about basic techniques! That ends now! I’m happy to say that I’m finally taking the time to photograph some posts detailing some simple how-tos for the beginner quiller. Starting off, how to make simple quilling paper coils! First thing’s first: to make quilling coils you need paper, a little glue…

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Quilled Snowflake Gift Tags

We’ve gotten off pretty easy on the East coast so far this winter. Just a couple little dustings of snow. No major storms our way yet. Now, I’m not a huge snow lover, like my kids and Mr. Craftery are, but it’s still nice to look at out the windows. (Plus, I get to drink yummy hot cocoa and wear warm, fuzzy socks to stay nice and cozy!) Nevertheless, I love using snowflakes in design during these long winter months.…

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Is Quilling the next big thing in crafting? || www.thepaperycraftery.com

Is Paper Quilling the Next Big Trend in Crafting?

Last week, a slightly blurry, but still recognizable photo from an old friend popped up in my inbox. It seemed to be a window display being created out of paper strips! Sure enough, Anthropologie, the store which is well-known for their incredibly creative and stunning shop windows, was featuring large pink quilled flowers! This super-exciting showcase of my very favorite craft got me thinking: Is paper quilling the next big trend in crafting? When I ran to my local mega-mall…

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3-D quilling paper hearts for Valentine's Day || www.thepaperycraftery.com

3-D Quilling Paper Hearts

 In our house, the Christmas tree is down, all our ornaments are stored away, and we’ve eaten all our holiday cookies and fudge. And that mean’s only one thing: Valentine’s Day is on the way! If you’ve read my quilling paper hearts tutorial from last year, you know how much I love Valentine’s Day. I had to up my Valentine’s hearts game a little this year, so I thought I would share a how-to for 3-D quilling paper hearts! These…

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Smart and thrifty tips on how to save money on craft supplies || www.thepaperycraftery.com

How to Save Money on Craft Supplies

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on the links below, I may receive a small compensation to help me finance this site and keep coming up with awesome tutorials and tips! I only ever include links to companies and products that I trust and work with on a regular basis.   It’s almost a brand new year! And that means brand new goals and lots of hope for the future. One of the resolutions that I try out every…

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Quilling Paper Holly

This year, the big thing in Christmas decor seems to be paper cone trees. I’m seeing them in red, in gold, snowy and covered in glitter. So, of course, I had to do my own version and add some quilling!  I whipped up some quick quilling paper holly berries and leaves, strung them on gold twine and wrapped them around green paper cones. Most of the materials for this paper holly garland are basic quilling supplies. I used crimson red…

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Hot Pink Quilling Paper Christmas Ornament for a bright and modern addition to your holiday tree! || www.thepaperycraftery.com

Hot Pink Quilling Paper Christmas Ornaments

As a small craft business owner, I get a lot of emails. I am often sent custom order inquiries, requests for donations, and, of course, my fair share of spam. Mostly, it is everyday, run-of-the-mill business-y stuff.    So, imagine my surprise when in October of last year, an editor from Better Holmes & Gardens contacted me though my Etsy shop. She asked if I would be willing to send one of my hot pink quilling paper Christmas ornaments to…

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Chalkboard Decor with Quilling Paper Art ~ Dress up your chalkboards with quilling paper accents for a festive Thanksgiving plaque! || www.thepaperycraftery.com

Chalkboard Decor with Quilling Paper Art

I’m really enjoying dreaming up unique and exciting quilling paper tutorials for this site. But, with all the prep and practice for each how-to comes lots and lots and lots of quilling bits lying around my workspace. After looking at the quilling paper mums that I had made a few weeks back for a while, I was really motivated to find the perfect way to show them off around the house.  Then I had the idea to work up a…

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