How I Run a Craft Blog while Raising 2 Small Children - Ways I stay motivated to be productive paper craft blogger while enjoying my time with my kids ||

How I Run a Craft Blog While Raising 2 Small Children

I didn’t start off wanting to have a blog. I just wanted to make stuff with paper. After my Moose was born and I went back to work, I found a way to fill in my creative gap with an Etsy shop. Then things evolved and changed as they tend to do, and I realized how much I enjoy teaching new crafters and breaking down the mystery of quilling paper. So, here I am –  4 years later with a quilling…

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The Essential Tool Kit for Quilling Beginners ~ Start quilling paper with just a few inexpensive supplies! ||

The Essential Toolkit for Quilling Beginners

It’s no secret that lots of crafters are supply hoarders. Quilling paper artists are no different! There is always the newest tool or another pack of paper strips to buy. It is easy to get overwhelmed! But a newcomer to quilling doesn’t really need many supplies at all! Today, I’m sharing the essential toolkit for quilling beginners so all newcomers can get started now! This post contains affiliate links. If you click on the links below and make a purchase, I…

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Beehive Quilling ~ Add some lightness and dimension to your quilling projects with this simple, but impressive technique! ||

Beehive Quilling Technique

When I first started sharing my quilling tutorials online, one of the first emails I received was asking if I could demonstrate how to do beehive quilling. But not only did I not know how to roll beehive coils, I have never even heard of them! Now I’m starting to see it more and more. And, after some research and practice, I’m finally ready to share a quick introduction to the beehive quilling technique! This post contains affiliate links. If you…

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Beautiful Oops ~ An Art Book for Children. Stretch that imagination and see that no drip, drop or blotch is a mistake! ||

Beautiful Oops, An Art Book for Children

One of my first jobs, after I graduated from art school, was with our local children’s museum. I was chosen to work in the art studio where I managed the projects that the education team thought up to reinforce the week’s theme and the museum’s mission of learning through play. It was a dream come true! Every day, I played with messy art supplies and enjoyed the company of incredibly enthusiastic toddlers and preschoolers. My time there came to a…

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Patriotic Paper Wreath ~ Grab some flag napkins to whip up this red, white and blue stunner that can dress up your front door all summer long! ||

Patriotic Paper Wreath

The Craftery household got a new front door last week. It’s pretty exciting because our door hadn’t opened smoothly since we bought our home a year ago! The new door is a simple craftsman style that lets tons of light into our entryway, and I just love it. But still, I think nothing makes a front door look as finished as a wreath. So I set out to make up a quick patriotic paper wreath to hang all summer long!…

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Quilling Paper Cherries ~ Simple but realistic summer quilling craft. Make one or a bunch! ||

Quilling Paper Cherries

It should be no surprise to those who’ve followed my quilling tutorials for a while that I love figuring how to make realistic quilled paper fruit and veggies. In a recent post, I even suggested using produce as inspiration when you’re feeling creatively stuck, because this is a trick I use all the time. So I couldn’t resist making a tutorial for one of my family’s favorite fruit. Get ready for some simple quilling paper cherries! This post contains affiliate…

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Monthly subscription boxes for creative kids and adults ||

Subscription Boxes for Creative Kids and Adults

A few weeks ago, I posted about Mother’s Day presents for crafty mamas. I had so much fun thinking about the ultimate gifts for moms who love to create! But I was so surprised when I heard over and over about how great a subscription box would be to receive as a gift. So I got right to work and found a bunch of other awesome subscription boxes for creative kids and adults! This post contains affiliate links. If you…

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Quilling Paper Bookmarks ~ Make some quick bookmarks from your quilling pieces to keep your pages in your favorite books! ||

Quilling Paper Bookmarks

Chances are, after practicing for a while, a quilling paper crafter is bound to have tons of bits and pieces laying around, taking up space valuable crafting space. The question is: what to make from all those bits? One can only make so many cards and gift tags. So, in order to clear up some of my desk space and create something new, I spent last week making some quick quilling paper bookmarks. This post contains affiliate links. If you…

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Quilling Paper Watermelon ~ A simple summer quilling craft for scrapbooks and cards ||

Quilling Paper Watermelon

My littles, Moose & the Bean, have been really into Eric Carle books lately. If you’re not familiar, Eric Carle is the author and artist behind many, many colorful children’s books, that are incredibly illustrated with hand-painted paper collages. My kids’ current fav is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. They love how the caterpillar goes through all the days of the week, eating up a storm. On Saturday, he chomps through tons of food, ending his feast with “one slice of…

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Gift Ideas for the Crafty Mom - A Mother's Day Wish List for a Crafty Mom

A Mother’s Day Wish List for Crafty Moms

Ya’ll, I love being a mama. Moose & the Bean are the most incredible little balls of awesome that I have ever imagined in my wildest dreams. It is my greatest honor to be their mommy and to help them grow up to be the best people they can be. That being said, this mama could use as many breaks as I can get! That’s why I love Mother’s Day! A whole day devoted to moms! We’re usually pretty low-key…

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