To Do List for the Creative shop

Crafty To-do list

I can’t remember a darn thing these days. My brain tends to be a colander with big holes in it so all my brilliant ideas can run right through. Maybe its the stress of trying to run my own business, or keeping up on household chores.  Maybe it’s exhaustion from chasing after Moose and the Bean all day.  Thinking about any one of these just makes me want to curl up in bed and take a nap, but …I’ve got…

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9 Things to Keep in Mind When Creating Custom Orders

Custom order season is upon us.  Weddings, graduations, Mother’s and Father’s Day. Customers love customization and being able to ask for truly unique items. But it can be pretty scary taking this leap when you’re used to making your own choices when it comes to your creations.  Here’s a list of 9 things to keep in mind when creating custom orders. 1. The true custom order versus a variation. Is this new item a version of something you’ve already made…

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4 Fun Mother’s Day Paper Crafts

Mother’s Day is sneaking up on me quickly this year. To get a little inspiration for the 3 moms in my life, I pulled together a smattering of sweet, handmade paper crafts that any mama would swoon over. This woven heart card is pretty special, but it could easily be modified for your mom.  Maybe a flower shape or a custom monogram would be more her style? And I’m jazzed over the idea of snipping the extra paper to use…

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How to make quilling paper flower bud gift tags

Quilling Paper Flower Bud Gift Tags

Traditional quilling techniques are very often used to create intricate scenes of flowers and plants. Since I am a self-taught quiller and I tend to work in a more modern style (and sometimes I just make up the approach as I go), but as I grow and expand my shop, I’ve really begun to appreciate the beauty of classic quilling. Here’s some insight into how I create my new flower bud gift tags. I just recently starting using a comb in…

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Yellow Gray Cupcake

Quilling Color Inspiration

Whenever I have a free moment, I like to quill new cupcakes for my shop. They’re one of my favorite designs and seem to be something others like as well. The tricky part comes in figuring out what color palette to use.  See, I’ve made quite a few of these quilled cupcakes. I could keep to the standard traditional icing colors and pastels, but I need to experiment and keep trying new combinations. Craft inspiration can be found anywhere. A…

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Earth Day Craft: Upcycled Globe

Earth Day (April 22) is just around the corner. The super-crafter behind Hydrangea Hippo has created, what I think, is the perfect Earth Day craft with her Upcycled Globe. Creative upcycling and paper crafts?!? Sign me up! She has used a large hole punch and some pretty paper to cover the outside of a damaged tabletop globe. Thanks to the simple instructions and basic materials, this is a DIY that anyone can handle. This globe could be recreated with any…

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Anatomy of a quilling

I’ve had some questions lately about how I create some of my quillings. At the risk of spilling all my secrets, I thought I would use my latest shop listing to have sort of a mini-tutorial. An owl quilling was suggested to me a little while ago, and, after a new shipment of paper strips, I finally had my color inspiration! I always begin with a simple sketch in my favorite notebook. Since I usually quill my items to be about…

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Hello world!

Hello out there!  This brand-new, straight out of the box, shiny and wrapped in a bow website is in the works now!  Lots of quilling news and The Papery Craftery updates are on the way, but in the meantime, feel free to shop The Papery Craftery  or find us on Facebook or Instagram.  Be back soon, paper people!

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