Chalkboard Decor with Quilling Paper Art
diy-quilling-chalkboard-decor-art Chalkboard Decor with Quilling Paper Art

I’m really enjoying dreaming up unique and exciting quilling paper tutorials for this site.

But, with all the prep and practice for each how-to comes lots and lots and lots of quilling bits lying around my work space.

After looking at the quilling paper mums that I had made a few weeks back for a while, I was really motivated to find the perfect way to show them off around the house.  Then I had the idea to work up a little chalkboard decor with quilling paper art!

diy-quilling-chalkboard-decor-art Chalkboard Decor with Quilling Paper Art

First, I gathered some supplies.

I decided to use a simple wooden plaque, painted white around the edges and distressed. Once that was dry, I added a few coats of chalkboard paint to the center. My apologies for not having photos of this step. I didn’t decide to make a tutorial until after I had painted the wood.

The text for this project is totally up to you!

I went with a simple “Give Thanks” so I could use this plaque for my Thanksgiving decor. After I had decided on the saying and font style, I printed out a few different sizes and chose the one that would fit my chalkboard the best.

The only other supplies you’ll need are a sharp pencil, some glue, the quilling that you’d like to add, and some chalk or a chalk marker.  I’m adding some moss green swirls to my mums for a little extra pizzazz. I’ll have my own tutorial on swirls soon, but in the meantime, here’s some really helpful info!

chalkboard-quilling-supplies Chalkboard Decor with Quilling Paper Art

Now here’s the big mystery for adding coping text to a chalkboard!

Turn the paper over and rub the entire surface with your pencil. Make sure all of the area behind the text is covered.

prepping-chalkboard-art Chalkboard Decor with Quilling Paper Art

Place the paper right side up again on the chalkboard, exactly where you want the writing to go.

Very carefully, trace the outlines of each letter of the text. Outlining the letters will leave a faint copy of the text once the paper is removed.

Then, just fill in the outlines with your chalk. Easy peasy and carrots!

tracing-chalkboard-art Chalkboard Decor with Quilling Paper Art

Now, the chalk markers that I have right now are a little waxy and better for larger projects, but you use what you’ve got, right?

Once you’ve gotten your chalk writing just the way you like it, add your quilling embellishments with a dab of hot glue.

(By the way, I’ve just gotten a new hot glue gun and it’s officially my favorite toy. I’ve had a couple hot glue gun duds in the last few years, and this works like a dream!)

If you’re planning on reusing your chalkboard for other seasons and you don’t want your quilling to be permanent, try glue dots. I haven’t been able to give this a try, but it may work. But wood plaques are pretty inexpensive, so you might rather make a few for different times of the year!

gluing-quilling-to-chalkboard Chalkboard Decor with Quilling Paper Art

Next time, I’ll probably use a different font, but I’m pretty happy over all!

quilling-paper-chalkboard-decor-plaque Chalkboard Decor with Quilling Paper Art


quilling-paper-mum-and-chalkboard-thanksgiving-decor Chalkboard Decor with Quilling Paper ArtI have so many ideas for how I can incorporate chalkboard decor with quilling paper art for other holidays!

I’m already planning on a “Joy” plaque with Christmas ornaments and a cheery “Think Spring” with some of my daffodil flowers

Do you have any other ideas on combining quilling and chalkboard? I’d love to hear your inspiration! Leave a comment below!