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11 ways to decorate with Paper snowflakes all winter long

Eleven Ways to Decorate With Paper Snowflakes All Winter Long

The holidays are over. The lights are unstrung, the ornaments are packed away, and all the Christmas cookies have been eaten. And my house looks a little sad. I need some winter decor and I need it fast! After a little searching, I’ve found eleven ways to decorate with paper snowflakes all winter long!  The same folded and snipped snowflakes that we all made in elementary school can be transformed into beautiful winter decorations for your home that you’ll be…

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Creative space organization art studio storage

Creative Space Organization Ideas

Real truth time. My work space is in a perpetual state of crazy. I would love to be the kind of person who can always keep her work space perfectly neat, but as my husband will tell you, I am not. No sir. I would rather have all my projects out where I can see them as I’m working, than have to clean up every day when I’m done. But saying all that, I still get a huge sense of…

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feature Etsy shops online

8 Sites and Pages That Want to Help Your Creative Business Get Noticed

When you’re trying to build your handmade business, one of the hardest parts is trying get your items in front of the eyes of the buyers. Trust me; I know the struggle. But since one of my goals this year has been to really put myself and my business out there, I’ve been consistently trying to search for those really active, beautiful sites that showcase curated features from shop owners. After doing a little research, I’ve pulled together a list…

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10 Things I’ve Learned in The First Two Years of Owning my own Craft Business

My shop’s second birthday is right around the corner! Some days it feels like I’ve had this business forever, but, in reality, The Papery Craftery is still a baby. And still, I’ve picked up a lot of craft business know-how along the way. I’m no expert, but here are 10 things I’ve learned in the first two years of owning my own craft business. There really is a loooooot of work that goes into having a creative business. The first…

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Why I Submitted Samples for a Craft Subscription Service

Why I Submitted Samples for a Craft Subscription Box

I’m so excited ya’ll!  I just mailed off my very first offering to a monthly craft-based subscription box, The Crafty Mail!  For those new on the scene, subscription boxes are curated packages that are based on a common theme, this one being made up of entirely handmade crafts. I put in a good amount of work to get my samples together, but I’m thrilled to work with this new company and this is why I submitted samples for a craft…

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16 Craft Show Tips for New Sellers

Craft show and festival season is in full gear right now and the fall shows are right around the corner.  And so I’ve pulled together 16 craft show tips for new sellers to get you in tip-top shape to showcase your wares at all the events you’d like! Know your show details. Do you have to bring a table and chairs or are they being provided for you? What is the vendor fee? Who is your contact person? Are you…

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Fourth of July Fireworks Painting

My Moose has just started to get into painting (Hooray says his artist mommy!).  Some days I think he loves the process of making a mess more than anything, so I knew he would enjoy a new technique that could easily get out of control. I learned the process of using a straw to create blown paintings when I was working at our local children’s museum and the kiddos just loved it. The idea is that you blow through a…

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To Do List for the Creative shop

Crafty To-do list

I can’t remember a darn thing these days. My brain tends to be a colander with big holes in it so all my brilliant ideas can run right through. Maybe its the stress of trying to run my own business, or keeping up on household chores.  Maybe it’s exhaustion from chasing after Moose and the Bean all day.  Thinking about any one of these just makes me want to curl up in bed and take a nap, but …I’ve got…

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9 Things to Keep in Mind When Creating Custom Orders

Custom order season is upon us.  Weddings, graduations, Mother’s and Father’s Day. Customers love customization and being able to ask for truly unique items. But it can be pretty scary taking this leap when you’re used to making your own choices when it comes to your creations.  Here’s a list of 9 things to keep in mind when creating custom orders. 1. The true custom order versus a variation. Is this new item a version of something you’ve already made…

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