Papercraft and Quilling Videos

From time to time, I film papercraft and quilling videos to use as tutorials.

Here are some of my most popular videos.

I hope they’re useful!



There’s so many more where these came from!

So clear your schedule and start watching!

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  1. thank you for sharing your time and tips!! I’m unclear how to use the wax paper once you overlay it on the tracing paper. Could you expound on that when you have a moment ? thanks a million!!

    • Hi Betsy, thanks for your question. Some quillers like to use wax paper as a base for their quilling because any glue that might leak from between the coils won’t stick to it. So, if you were planning on quilling over a drawn, traced, or pre-printed template of some sort, you would place the template on your cork workboard, then the wax paper right over that. You’ll be able to see your drawing just fine and build your design right on the was paper, but your quilling won’t stick to anything. When you’re ready, you can peel the wax paper off the back of the quilling. Still, be light on the glue though! Too much can still make your quilling too messy. I like to use wax paper and a cork board even when I’m not quilling over a template just to make sure I have a clean and non-stick surface.

      I hope this helps!

  2. Meredith – thank you! and thanks for such a speedy reply!! that makes perfect sense… and it’s a fantastic tip!! I just discovered quilling about a month ago and am in LOVE! I can’t get enough… your tips make it even more fun 🙂 Thanks again and be well! Betsy

  3. I found it difficult to see through the wax paper so I use sheet protectors ( cut off the edges and lay atop your image on the work board). They are perfectly clear and can easily be separated from your finished piece without eye strain.

  4. Meredith: I love your videos. I made the dragon fly and couple of the flowers. My question is, how do you mail the cards? I made a box to mail them, but wonder if there’s another way.

    • There are tutorials out there to make a box envelope and they can work well. Or if you’d rather, I always shipped my quilling in a padded bubble mailer with the quilling sandwiched between 2 thin pieces of cardboard.

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