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  1. How do i know what length and width of quilling paper of your paterns ( your patterns are beautiful) thanks Barbara

    • Hi Barbara! Thanks for the compliment and questions. I try to include the lengths of the strips I’m using in all my tutorials and I always use 1/8″ width. If I have missed some measurements somewhere (and I’m sure I have 😊), feel free to let me know which ones by emailing me at and I’ll be happy to help!

  2. I am finding it hard to find quilling paper. And when i do it is very limited. Where can i find different assortments of paper? I am interested in double sided also. Thanks.

    • Hi Linda! Quilling paper is very hard to find in stores, but there are lots of choices online. You can reach Custom Quilling by Denise through the affiliate button on the sidebar of my site. That’s where I shop the most often. Her site is really easy to navigate and find just what you need.

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