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  1. Sharon Gresk says

    I love your sunflowers! I’ve found that when I want to add a variation of color (like in the middle of the sunflower) I cut my own strips from scrapbooking paper that has a design in the colors I’d like to see, say a dark brown paper with a lighter brown print. That way, when I’ve coiled it I have a nice variation of color, especially when it’s a piece that is domed like your center piece. Since many scrapbooking papers are white paper that is printed I use sharpies to run along the outside of my strips—using two or three different colors again—to be sure I don’t end up with a white center, (the white center is on the inside). I also run a thin cover of glue on the inside of my domes to insure they don’t get squashed down later! Great fun, this quilling, isn’t it!

  2. Barbara Wallace says

    Wonderful flowers. i like that you used 2 shades of yellow. You provided great instructions as well. Thank you

  3. Peace says

    Hi Meredith, your instructions are so easy to follow and that’s so cool. Thanks for sharing your knowledge for free.💙
    I’ll have loved to try it but I don’t have a quilling comb. I reside in Nigeria, Oyo State, I don’t know if you can recommend a place where I can get one. Thank you.

    • Meredith says

      Hi Peace! Thank you for your kind words. If you can’t find a quilling comb, a hair comb or hair pick will work just the same way. I have one hair comb with really thin teeth that I actually like better for some projects. I hope that helps!

  4. Donna says

    My niece gave me a quilling kit last week as she accidentally ordered two. As we are both artsy by nature she thought I’d like it. Just waiting to get my paper and this sunflower will be my first project. I’ve been feasting my eyes on all the beautiful quilling art on the internet and already look forward to when I’ll have the skills to design my own! Thanks for inspiring my first pattern!

  5. Marisa Cronk says

    I loved this project! I’m new to quilling, but found it easy to do with your explanations. My daughter will be so excited to see her birthday present (she lives sunflowers!)

  6. Glee-Ellen Hotchkin says

    These are lovely! I’m using them to embellish a photo frame for a sunflower loving friend. Thank you so much for sharing your excellent techniques.

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