Quilling Basics

Are you brand new to quilling? Maybe you just need a quick refresher course or have a question about a specific quilling technique.

Well, you're in the right place.

Here is the page all about quilling for beginners with all the posts you need to get a start on your quilling journey today!

Quilling Paper Coils

The very first place to start. Learn how to hold your tools and paper and roll basic coils. 

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Quilling Paper Teardrops

Start forming the most popular quilling shapes, like teardrops and marquise. The basis for most flowers!

Learn more. 

Quilling Paper Squares

Squares, triangles and arrows can bring a unique and contemporary spin to your quilling art designs. 

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Framing Quilling Paper Art

Protect your amazing quilling creations and see a few ways to frame your artwork. 

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Quilling Paper Scrolls

Start making paper scrolls, from the simple curl to more complex filigree.

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Quilling Paper Swirls

Take your quilling to the next level with fancy swirls made from multiple strips of paper!

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