How to Frame Quilling Paper Art ||

I get asked a looooot of questions about my quilling process and how I create my paper decor.

I love to help and provide any information that I can about my technique, but what I get asked the most are questions about framing the finished product. How to frame, where to buy frames, and most often, can I just do the framing myself before I ship.

Now I’ve taken care of the framing before, and I’ll happily do it again, but it drastically raises the purchase and shipping prices of my work. But, it really shouldn’t be intimidating with a few tips.

So, I thought I’d give some advice to take the mystery out of how to frame quilling paper art.

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How to Frame Quilling Paper Art ||


Quilling can be framed just like any other artwork, with a little extra care when choosing just what type of frame you use.

Because quilling paper is 3-D and has more height to it than photographs or printed artwork, there is a chance that the rolled paper may get smooshed in many frames that are available in stores.

However, there are some options and here are three main ways to frame paper quilling.

FramedQuillingPaperArt - How to Frame Quilling Paper Art ||


There are lots of choices for really beautiful, simple shadowboxes, which are generally very deep frames.  Often, there is 2 inch gap or more between the back of the frame and the glass, so shadowboxes are used for showcasing more three-dimensional artwork or keepsakes.

A benefit of using a shadowbox for your quilling is that there will be plenty of room between the back of the frame and the glass. And some quilling artists use a multi-level technique, which may make their art have even more height, and shadowboxes would be perfect for this.

I would recommend using a mat with shadowboxes, just as one would with traditional picture frames. Mats tend to lend a more complete look to the artwork and they also draw the viewers eye in towards the center of the frame, right to your beautiful quilling paper art.

Deep or double mat frame

Now these types of frames can be a little trickier to find.  But they are what I prefer and what I personally use.

These double mat frames have 2 layers of mat board, separated by a few pieces of foam that are about 1/4″ thick. This allows for a gap between the frame and the glass, that’s just the right size for most quilled paper. If you already have a frame you think would work with this type of double mat, you could also purchase them separately here.

I buy them at my local Micheal’s, and I use their generous coupons every time.  They come in a range of neutral colors and all the standard sizes.

QuillingPaperArtFramed - How to Frame Quilling Paper Art ||

Without glass

By all means, frame your quilling without glass!  This option will allow you to have the most choices in frames.

Without having the concern about the level of space between the frame backing and the glass, you can feel free to pick up any frame, in any style, or any color.

Most quilling paper creations are fairly sturdy, so once the framed work is on display, it should be fairly safe and secure, even without the glass covering.

Now, it may (especially if it was in my house) get a little dusty from time to time. And, of course, you’ll want to make sure to keep your quilling away from moisture and please, please, please be careful taking the glass out of your frame.

I’d love to hear about your suggestions for how to frame quilling paper creations! Leave a comment below and tell me all about your ideas.

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