Art Books for Children

The Dot ~ Written by Peter H. Reynolds, The Dot is a children's book celebrating creativity and bravery ||

The Dot

True story. When I was very young, I took classes at our local art museum. Every weekend, my mom would drive me into the city (which seemed like a really big deal at the time) and I would excitedly play with paints, charcoal, and paper. We even were taught how to make candles one week! But then, one Saturday morning, during a lesson in clay sculpture, a little boy who was sitting near me began to make fun of the…

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Beautiful Oops ~ An Art Book for Children. Stretch that imagination and see that no drip, drop or blotch is a mistake! ||

Beautiful Oops, An Art Book for Children

One of my first jobs, after I graduated from art school, was with our local children’s museum. I was chosen to work in the art studio where I managed the projects that the education team thought up to reinforce the week’s theme and the museum’s mission of learning through play. It was a dream come true! Every day, I played with messy art supplies and enjoyed the company of incredibly enthusiastic toddlers and preschoolers. My time there came to a…

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