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How to Make Quilling Paper Scrolls ||

How to Make Quilling Paper Scrolls

So you’ve practiced your quilling coils, made tons of teardrops and paper squares… and you’re ready to learn something new! Let’s continue on this quilling paper journey and talk about how to make quilling paper scrolls! Most often, quilling paper scrolls is simply a matter of rolling a coil, but leaving a little unrolled tail on the end. Take the scroll off your quilling tool, and that’s it! Easy as pie! But that’s not all! Of course, there are a…

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How to Make Quilling Paper Squares

So far, in this quilling for beginners series, we’ve tackled basic coils and curvy shapes, such as teardrops and marquise. Let’s now move on to another part of quilling: how to make paper squares and other angular shapes. But first, grab your copy of my quilling paper shapes printable so you can follow along! Now, to be perfectly honest, these shapes are not something I use in my quilling work very often. I don’t have a real reason. I’ve just…

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Learn quilling basics How to make paper teardrops and other shapes ||

How to Make Paper Teardrops and Other Shapes

When I last left off, I was explaining the ways to roll quilling paper into coils.  Once you’ve mastered the art of making even coils, it’s time to take your quilling practice to the next level! While the circles formed from paper coils are perfectly lovely shapes on their own, the majority of quilling art comes from what you make of those coils. And so, for the next post in this series for quilling beginners, I’m focusing on how to…

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