quilling paper christmas decorations

Quilling Paper Poinsettia Flowers _ Use a quilling comb to make traditional holiday blooms! __ www.thepaperycraftery.com

Quilling Paper Poinsettia Flowers

This year, I had so many ideas of quilling tutorials to write for the holiday season! After spending some quality time with my calendar and realizing exactly how little time I had left before Christmas, I had to narrow that list down quite a bit. But the one idea that I couldn’t let go of was making some quilling paper poinsettia flowers. So I decided to jazz them up by making the poinsettia with one of my favorite tools, the…

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Quilling Paper Holly

This year, the big thing in Christmas decor seems to be paper cone trees. I’m seeing them in red, in gold, snowy and covered in glitter. So, of course, I had to do my own version and add some quilling!  I whipped up some quick quilling paper holly berries and leaves, strung them on gold twine and wrapped them around green paper cones. Most of the materials for this paper holly garland are basic quilling supplies. I used crimson red…

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