My Favorite Quilling Paper Colors ~ An easy to follow list of the quilling paper shades I use time and time again! || www.ThePaperyCraftery.com

My Favorite Quilling Paper Colors

So, so, so much going on in the Craftery house this month. We’ve had Easter; we’ve had Spring Break; we’ve had swim classes… We’ve even had two back-to-back plumbing and heating emergencies to fix! Yikes! My quilling and blog writing time has been cut in half because everything has been so crazy! And, so, as much as I was planning on posting a craft tutorial this week, sometimes life happens, and I needed to move some posts around and share…

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Quilling Paper Water Lilies ~ Brush up on your 3D quilling and quilling comb techniques with my latest tutorial || www.ThePaperyCraftery.com

Quilling Paper Water Lilies

It has been one very wet spring so far, here in Delaware. Our backyard is so soggy, it reminds me of a swamp. And swamps remind me of frogs. And frogs remind me of the lily pad and water lily post I’ve been wanting to work on. So, while I was waiting for our backyard to dry out, I got busy rolling paper. And now I’m sharing a tutorial all about quilling paper water lilies! This post contains affiliate links. If you…

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Tips for Using Metallic Quilling Paper ~ Sparkly and shiny, metallic paper can add some wow to your quilling! www.ThePaperyCraftery.com

Tips for Using Metallic Quilling Paper

Those of us who have been quilling for a while are quite familiar with the fact that different paper companies produce vastly different products. Some quilling paper is thicker than others. Sometimes a color can vary greatly from brand to brand. But one type of paper requires another set of quilling tricks all together, and that is metallic paper. This week, I’m sharing a few tips for using metallic quilling paper for your crafts. This post contains affiliate links. If…

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Border Buddy Quilling Tool Review ~ Do you need to pick up a Border Buddy for your quilling? I'll test it out and let you know! www.ThePaperyCraftery.com

Border Buddy Quilling Tool Review

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ve seen me write time and time again about quilling tools. But, I’ve only written about the tools you really need to start quilling. I’ve never really dived into the less common tools. All those extras that you might not “need”, but they might make some processes easier or more efficient. Or maybe they’re just fun! So I decided that I would start a series where I play with some newer…

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Quilling Paper Horseshoes ~ Your own quilling paper good luck charm! www.ThePaperyCraftery.com

Quilling Paper Horseshoes

My mom began one of my favorite family traditions about 14 years ago. One Saturday afternoon in March, we all gather together at her house to enjoy what she’s dubbed the “Green Dinner”. To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, everyone wears green clothes and eat corned beef, shepherd’s pie, and turnips. The house is decorated and we all get Irish party favors. The kicker is that my sister and I contribute some green food or recipe to the meal. This seems simple enough.…

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Quilling Paper Cherry Blossoms ~ One of the first signs of the spring season in quilling! || www.ThePaperyCraftery.com

Quilling Paper Cherry Blossoms

  Right now, from where I’m sitting, I can see buds on the tree outside my window. Spring has (almost) sprung everyone! One of the most iconic spring celebrations on the East Coast is the cherry blossom festival in Washington, D.C. Even though D.C. is just a short drive for us, I’ve never actually made it there to see the trees in bloom. But this year, I’m bringing the festival to me and sharing some quilling paper cherry blossoms! This…

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Quilling Paper Monarch Butterflies ~ Quick and simple butterflies in classic orange and black || www.ThePaperyCraftery.com

Quilled Monarch Butterfly

This week’s post is brought to you by my horrible memory. Backstory ~ I was looking through my sketches to start preparing my tutorials for March when I came across the mini butterfly that I had made for my Easter eggs last year. At the end of that post, I promised I would share how I made the quilled monarch butterfly that I used on one of the eggs. Almost a full year ago. I had totally forgotten all about…

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4 Types of Glue Every Quilling Artist Needs (and when to use them!) ~ The only glues you need for every quilling craft! || www.ThePaperyCraftery.com

The 4 Types of Glue Every Quilling Artist Needs

We’ve all been there. You’re in the craft store, where you swore you were just going to pick up that one thing for your next project. The next thing you know, you’re at the checkout with $60 worth of who knows what in your cart. No judgment; I’ve been there many times. We crafters are notorious supply hoarders. But I’ve been on a mission lately to declutter my stash and make my supplies multitask. Yet, the one place I just…

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Quilling Paper Flowers and Vines Heart ~ A simple and pretty mix of traditional and modern quilling techniques | | www.ThePaperyCraftery.com

Flowers and Vines Heart

It’s here! One of my favorite days of the entire year! Our house is decorated, school valentines are signed, and the chocolates are bought… Of course, my 6 year-old son has decided that Valentine’s Day is yucky, all of the sudden. But I’m not going to let him dampen my lovey-dovey spirit! This week, I’m sharing how to make this quilling paper flowers and vines heart. This post contains affiliate links. If you click on the links below and make…

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7 Common Quilling Mistakes and How to Fix Them ~ Mistakes happen, but don't let them ruin your design! Learn some simple quilling tips and tricks! || www.ThePaperyCraftery.com

7 Common Quilling Mistakes and How to Fix Them

It happens to all of us… You’re happily quilling along when … BAM! You look closely and notice the biggest, most eye-catching, glaring mistake that has ever been made in the history of quilling paper. Pause! Take a breath. It’s probably not that bad. I know it seems like the worst thing that could happen, but give yourself some grace! Chances are most viewers wouldn’t even notice, but if you’re a perfectionist like I am, you want a fix and…

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