Christmas quilling crafts

How to Turn Your Quilling Crafts into Ornaments

No, your eyes are not mistaken. There actually¬†is a second post from me this week!¬† I’ve never actually posted twice in one week before! This is a bonus post – sort of a mini tutorial. It’s really just a technique that I wanted to talk about before we got too far into the holiday season. Today, I’m bringing you some ideas on how to turn your quilling crafts into ornaments to hang on your holiday tree or give as gifts.…

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Quilling Paper Winter Gnomes - Simple shapes and bushy beards make adorable holiday friends ||

Quilled Winter Gnome

Now that we’re almost fully into the Yuletide season, the next few posts from me are going to be chock full of holiday goodness! This week, I’m sharing a craft that can seamlessly go from Christmas, all the way through the winter – Scandanavian gnomes! I know you’ve seen them – little men with long, fluffy beards that are the only thing visible under pointy hats. I took that idea and crossed them with a wooden peg doll to create…

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