3D Quilling

Quilling Paper Evergreen Snow Globes

Learn how to make use of old glass jars to turn your 3D quilling into quilling paper evergreen snow globes! This post contains affiliate links. If you click on the links below and make a purchase I may receive a small compensation to help me finance this site and keep coming up with awesome tutorials and tips! There’s no cost to you and I only ever include links to companies and products that I trust and work with on a regular basis.  This weeks tutorial is more of…

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How to Make 3D Quilling Paper Mushrooms ~Quirky and whimsical mini mushrooms made of paper || www.ThePaperyCraftery.com

3D Quilling Paper Mushrooms

If my children get anything from me, it is their creativity. They both love making up characters and stories. My daughter, Beanie, especially loves dressing up, and all things princesses and fairies.  I usually get to join in, too! And all that make-believe play has reminded me of a quilling tutorial that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Let’s make some fairy-inspired mini 3D quilling paper mushrooms! This post contains affiliate links. If you click on the links below and…

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Quilling Paper Cherries ~ Simple but realistic summer quilling craft. Make one or a bunch! || www.thepaperycraftery.com

Quilling Paper Cherries

It should be no surprise to those who’ve followed my quilling tutorials for a while that I love figuring how to make realistic quilled paper fruit and veggies. In a recent post, I even suggested using produce as inspiration when you’re feeling creatively stuck, because this is a trick I use all the time. So I couldn’t resist making a tutorial for one of my family’s favorite fruit. Get ready for some simple quilling paper cherries! This post contains affiliate…

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Quilling Paper Cactus

  My husband, Mr. Craftery, has been working hard the last couple of weekends getting the gardens in our yard full of flowers for the spring and summer. He’s been doing such an amazing job! Our yard has never looked better! Thank goodness for him, because I have absolutely no green thumb. A nice, sturdy cactus more my speed. Even better than that, is a paper version! So I was inspired to whip up a quilling paper cactus and share…

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