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Smart and thrifty tips on how to save money on craft supplies ||


Smart and thrifty tips on how to save money on craft supplies ||

It’s almost a brand new year!

And that means brand new goals and lots of hope for the future. One of the resolutions that I try out every new year is to save a little more money, especially when it comes to buying materials for all the crafts I have going on.

To celebrate the beginning of 2017, I’ve compiled some of my favorite tricks on how to save big money on craft supplies!

Smart and thrifty tips on how to save money on craft supplies ||


If you are not using Ebates now, stop what you are doing and join. It is one of the easiest and well-known ways to save cash when shopping online.  You get money back for shopping at tons of stores, even some craft stores. Plus, they often have a deal where you get a nice bonus in your account just for signing up!


Ibotta is another online company with a really handy money-saving app. Download the app to your smartphone, purchase select items from participating stores, and then take photos of your receipts. Most of the rebates are for grocery items (which is reason enough to use it, but they often have rebates for purchases at Joann’s Fabrics, too! Sign up and use my referral code – svchpgq – to get a $10 welcome bonus!

Online Surveys

Online surveys will not make you tons of cash, but for a few minutes while you’re binge watching Netflix, answer some simple questions, and before you know it, you’ve earned enough to start cashing in for some Amazon gift cards or even cash that goes right to your PayPal account. You can put that right into your crafting fund! I’ve been using Swagbucks for years and they are probably the most popular survey site. I’m also a fan of Mintvine and Opinion Outpost for frequent surveys and fast, reliable payouts.

Newspaper and mailer coupons

I am constantly finding coupons for my favorite craft stores right in my mailbox. I’m not sure that I’ve every paid full price for anything at Joann’s or Michael’s because I know there will be a sweet, money-saving coupon coming along in their weekly ad.

Text, app, and email sign-ups with stores

Most (if not all) of the most popular craft supply stores have online options to get extra savings. I subscribe to a few store apps and text notifications, and I’ve found that the coupons that I receive that way tend to be a higher value than those I can get by mail. Plus, you can stack multiple coupons at some of these stores!!! Check out your store’s coupon policy to find out exactly the savings combos you can use next time you have a big purchase, and save big!

Follow your favorite companies on social media!

Be the first to find out about flash sales and deals. Lots of shops and companies often host product giveaways on their social media pages as well, so start following your favorites today!

Thrift stores

I’ve found this secret especially great for paper crafters and needlepoint fans. You can often find lots of unused craft kits for just a few dollars. With a little forward thinking, maybe you could just use the supplies included as bits and pieces for your own projects.

Check out the craft aisle at Dollar Tree

At Dollar Tree, ribbon spools, and wreath forms only cost (you guessed it) $1! That is a great price! My Dollar Tree even has a decent selection of faux flowers, if that’s your thing. Its definitely worth a trip, trust me.

Shop in your own supplies

Stay organized, so you’re not wasting supplies or losing what you already have. Then, when you have your next brilliant idea for a little crafty DIY, you can easily see which items you still need. But be sure to reuse, recycle and use your materials! Think outside the crafting-box and I’m sure you’ll be able to imagine new ways to use what is in your stash!

And, lastly, trade with your crafting buddies!

If you have a close group of artsy friends, I’m sure they all have their own stockpile of unused and extra supplies, just like you do. Ask around and arrange a trade. Maybe even organize a big group craft supply swap party, and make a night out of it!

How do you save money on craft supplies? Leave a comment below and tell us all your secret, thrifty tips!


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