It’s a few weeks into the new year, and the internet is filled with posts about resolutions and lists.

Don’t get me wrong ~ I love making goals for the new year!

But I thought, instead of the run-of-the-mill budget and fitness-type goals, I would do something crafty here.

So, I bring you…. 18 new paper crafts to try in 2018!

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18 New Paper Crafts to try in 2018 ~ Spend the new year learning new skills and flexing your crafting muscles ||

Now, I’m sure some of these ideas are not unfamiliar to most of you, but you never know what’s going to spark something new in your brain.

Try working on two or more types of crafts at the same time ~ work on a little mixed media and see what you can come up with!


Origami is the art of folding paper. But go beyond folding the traditional 1000 cranes (which is no small feet – I tried to do this for my wedding to Mr. Craftery and maxed out somewhere in the 800’s! ) The possibilities are endless and the online tutorials are many!


An offshoot of origami, kirigami involves cutting paper in addition to folding. One of the most common kirigami examples is folded paper snowflakes.

Paper Jewelry

From rolled paper beads to more elaborate designs, there are many paper jewelry artists out there doing amazing things!

DIY Wrapping Paper

I made a post a few weeks back about creative ways to wrap gifts and I came across tons of DIY wrapping paper ideas in the process. Paint, chalk, stamps… the list goes on and on.

Layered Sculptures

Paper can be stacked, cut, embossed, and carved. The result can be incredibly detailed sculptures that look like anything but paper.

These paper sculptures by Li Hongbo can be moved and stretched in any direction. Unbelievable!

Paper Cutting

Grab a super-sharp precision knife and see what kind of intricate design you can make from tons of tiny cuts. I’ve worked with Excel Blades in the past and I think they’re a good value for the beginner.

Making Paper Boxes

Take storage to the next level by folding some boxes from paper. I know I could always use a few little catch-all’s around my workspace!

First on my list is this design from Origami Spirit ~

Book Folding

Book folding took the craft work by storm a couple years back and its still going strong. It definitely takes some practice and some on-point counting skills but the end result can be a real stunner.  Check out the blog Love Book Folding for some tips!

Book Binding

Maybe take your love of paper and books to a whole new level and bind your own!

Coiled Baskets

I’ve been seeing loads of baskets made from upcycled magazines come across my Pinterest feed lately and I love the idea! Beautiful, functional, and good for the environment? Win, win, win!

Paper Weaving

Weaving paper placemats is a classic craft for kids. But the grown-up version blow those away! Check out paper weavers like Naomi J. Kendall and Larissa Nowicki for inspiration.

“Bound” (woven paper 45cmx47cm) work by Naomi J. Kendall

Pop-Up Cards

Once you get those origami and kirigami skills down, try using them to make some pop-up cards for your friends and family.

Paper Garlands

I’ve made bunches of garland from quilling, but they can be as made from simple shapes and themes, as well.

I’m really excited about this watercolor circle garland by Laura of Paper and Pin ~


Garland by Paper and Pin

Crepe paper flowers

I make a lot of quilling paper flowers, but they’re nothing compared to some of the crepe paper flowers out there. Talk about realisitic!  Lia Griffith is a great resource to start with for her easy to follow tutorials.


I’m planning on experimenting with paper wreaths more this year. I had a lot of fun playing with paper napkins to make this patriotic door hanging last summer!

Paper Mache

Paper mache (or papier-mâché if you want to use the proper French) is the practice of layering paper strips and paste over a form until it dries. Most of the materials can be found around your home, so this is an awesome craft to start anytime.

Handmade Piñatas

Basic paper mache techniques go to the extreme for DIY piñatas! Let your imagination go wild!

Owl Pinata by Mikaela Holmes

DIY Paper

For the ultimate in paper crafting, start from the very first step ~ make your own paper! I took a paper making course in college and it was really fun. Messy, but fun!

Considering starting an entirely new crafty experience this year because you need a break from paper?

Look into the online classes and lessons at Craftsy or Creative Live. They both have tons of classes so you can find your next great crafty passion!

Sign Up at CreativeLive

I hope this list is the starting point of a new creative adventure.

At the very least, some inspiration!

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