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Quilling Paper Acorns

Quilling Paper Acorns

Quilling paper acorns, although totally and completely adorable, aren’t really a new design. There are a bunch of quilling paper artists designing and selling paper acorn ornaments that are just lovely! But when I was brainstorming new autumn quilling crafts, it dawned on me…. I could make a quilling paper acorn with real acorn caps! Think about it! It’s the perfect way to add a natural element and a little texture to your quilling and (at least for quillers like…

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How to make quilling paper mushrooms for all your autumn crafts | thepaperycraftery.com

Quilling Paper Mushrooms

I am a huge fan of mushrooms in design elements. They’re so earthy and homey; simple and fresh. I think they even have a sort of cozy-rainy day feeling, that makes you want to curl up with a cup of tea and a book. In fact, one of the first items I put in my Etsy shop was a quilling paper mushroom and it remains one of my favorites to date. I am so excited to share a tutorial on how…

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Paper Ladybugs

Quilling Paper Ladybugs

In my last post, I featured how to quill paper bumblebees. These were the very same bees that I use for my love bug gift tags. It’s only fitting that I also share how I made the quilling paper ladybugs that were the other half of that set. I think they’re adorable in their own right. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that both red and black quilling paper are needed for these little lady bugs. And they are…

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Quilling Paper Bumble Bee Gift Tags

It’s been a fairly mild, dry summer in Delaware so far this year, and my family and I have been spending tons of time enjoying the outdoors. Because of all our outdoor adventures, my kids have started being more interested in all the plants, flowers, and bugs that we’ve been finding along the way. They’ve inspired me to revisit some of my designs from last year, like the custom beehive I created and also my quilling paper bumble bee gift…

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How to Make Quilling Paper Citrus Slices

I’ve been renovating my families new home and now that we’re (more or less) settled in, it’s time to start quilling again. And, since my main goal this season is too enjoy the summer, i thought I’d jump right back in with a tutorial on my mini quilling paper citrus slices. They’re so bright and fun, they make me think summer every time I make them.      First thing’s first:  Just like in my quilling strawberry post, I’ve drawn…

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How to Make Simple Quilling Paper Flowers: Lily of the Valley

How To Make Simple Quilling Paper Flowers: Lily of the Valley

I’ve been having a lot of fun coming up with new tutorials for my “How to Make Simple Quilling Paper Flowers” series, even though this type of quilling is pretty far out of my wheel house. It has been pretty interesting researching flowers and plants, while trying to recreate them out of quilling paper. And it’s really sparked my spring fever! But this time, instead of showing a couple different types of flowers, I’m focusing on only one, the lily…

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How to Make Quilling Paper Strawberries

Summertime is almost here, and if your family is like mine, one of the parts we look forward to the most is all the fresh, delicious fruit we can get this time of year! My kids love berries, and since they’re always on my grocery list and in my fridge right now, I was inspired to make a tutorial on how to make quilling paper strawberries! I first quilled a strawberry as part of a custom ordered cupcake a few…

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How To Make Simple Quilling Paper Flowers Plumeria and Lilacs

How To Make Simple Quilling Paper Flowers – Plumeria and Lilacs

After writing my last quilling flower tutorial about daffodils and flower buds, I decided to go bigger this time. So, for this post on how to make simple quilling paper flowers, I chose the plumeria and lilacs.  The plumeria is much larger in size and the lilacs grow in mass quantities.  Everything is just bigger this time! The exotic plumeria that I’m quilling grows in red and white, but some of the colors are amazing! (Seriously, Google them if you’re…

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How To Make Simple Quilling Paper Flowers Daffodils and Buds

How to Make Simple Quilling Paper Flowers – Daffodils and Buds

When I decided I wanted to make a new series of quilling tutorials about simple spring flowers, it was only fitting that I would start with the Daffodil. Daffodils are the flower that my husband surprised me with on our very first date. I’m pretty sure he plucked them from his parents’ yard, but it’s been a sweet symbol for us ever since.  We also planted some in in the front garden of the house that we have lived in…

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Easter Egg Paper Craft Round Up

10 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs with Paper

When Easter time rolled around in my childhood home, it meant pulling out the coffee mugs and tiny squeeze bottles of food coloring to dye our eggs. My sister and I would start off following the recommended “recipes” to get the perfect colors, but we would always end with mixing the dye up and getting a few dark purple or brown eggs by the end.  But we always had a ball! Nowadays, Easter egg decorating has gotten much fancier and…

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