Quilling Paper Lace Heart - Delicate lace heart made from paper, perfect for your Valentine's crafts | ThePaperyCraftery.com

Quilling Paper Lace Heart

Last week, I wrote about how I had two great ideas for Valentine’s Day quilling tutorials. I started with the fringed heart – on the simpler side, but with a new technique. This week’s project is a bit more time consuming, but a real wow. We’re making quilling paper lace hearts! This post contains affiliate links. If you click on the links below and make a purchase I may receive a small compensation to help me finance this site and keep coming up with…

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Quilling Paper Valentine's Day Card with Fringed Hearts - Send a garden of hearts to your love with this simple quilling card || www.ThePaperyCraftery.com

Fringed Paper Valentine’s Day Hearts

I can’t believe I’ve been creating Valentine’s Day quilling tutorials for this site for the last 4 years. And for some reason, I never run out of heart inspiration. In fact, this year, I’ll be sharing 2 different crafts! Up first, fringed paper Valentine’s Day hearts, that we’re going to turn into a garden of flowers! This post contains affiliate links. If you click on the links below and make a purchase I may receive a small compensation to help me finance this site…

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How to Make Quilling Paper Icicles - Celebrate the winter season with glittered paper icicles || www.ThePaperyCraftery.com

Quilling Paper Icicles

  Happy new year everybody! It’s a brand new year. Anything can happen! And it’s the annual time to figure out how to decorate your home now that all the holiday festivities are through. Why not quilling paper icicles? This post contains affiliate links. If you click on the links below and make a purchase I may receive a small compensation to help me finance this site and keep coming up with awesome tutorials and tips! There’s no cost to you and I only ever include…

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Antique Inspired Quilling Paper Ornaments - Use simple 3D quilling shapes to create classic ornaments for your tree || www.ThePaperyCraftery.com

Antique-Inspired Quilling Paper Ornaments

For a few years, when I was very young, my family and I would visit my grandmother every Christmas. I don’t remember too much about those visits. But what’s always stuck in my mind, along with the ping pong set in her basement and the rounds of Pokeno we used to play, is her antique Christmas ornaments. They were beautiful – shiny, colorful glass in spheres and spires. And those memories have inspired me to recreate those shapes in paper. This…

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Mini Quilling Paper Evergreen Trees - The perfect addition to any quilled Christmas crafts! || www.ThePaperyCraftery.com

Mini Quilling Paper Evergreen Trees

A few weeks ago, I wrote a tutorial for quilling paper pine needles. I had been curious about how to make them for a while and I was pretty pleased with the outcome! And guessing by how many crafters have visited that post since, it seems that many others have been wondering too. This week, I’m sharing another easy way to make fir trees, but on a much smaller scale. I present to you mini quilling paper evergreen trees! This…

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How to Turn Your Quilling Crafts into Ornaments

No, your eyes are not mistaken. There actually is a second post from me this week!  I’ve never actually posted twice in one week before! This is a bonus post – sort of a mini tutorial. It’s really just a technique that I wanted to talk about before we got too far into the holiday season. Today, I’m bringing you some ideas on how to turn your quilling crafts into ornaments to hang on your holiday tree or give as gifts.…

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Quilling Paper Winter Gnomes - Simple shapes and bushy beards make adorable holiday friends || www.ThePaperyCraftery.com

Quilled Winter Gnome

Now that we’re almost fully into the Yuletide season, the next few posts from me are going to be chock full of holiday goodness! This week, I’m sharing a craft that can seamlessly go from Christmas, all the way through the winter – Scandanavian gnomes! I know you’ve seen them – little men with long, fluffy beards that are the only thing visible under pointy hats. I took that idea and crossed them with a wooden peg doll to create…

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How to Make Quilling Paper Pine Needles ~ Start up those winter quilling crafts with easy fir branches || www.ThePaperyCraftery.com

Quilling Paper Pine Needles

There’s a saying that was making its way around the social media world last week. On a few occasions,  I saw some variation of “It’s past midnight on Halloween so that means only one thing … Merry Christmas!” That’s sort of how I feel with this post. I’m moving right into the winter crafts! Sorry, Thanksgiving. I’ll try to think of a great turkey post next year. But, for now, I’m sharing how to make quilling paper pine needles! This…

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How to Make 3D Quilling Paper Mushrooms ~Quirky and whimsical mini mushrooms made of paper || www.ThePaperyCraftery.com

3D Quilling Paper Mushrooms

If my children get anything from me, it is their creativity. They both love making up characters and stories. My daughter, Beanie, especially loves dressing up, and all things princesses and fairies.  I usually get to join in, too! And all that make-believe play has reminded me of a quilling tutorial that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Let’s make some fairy-inspired mini 3D quilling paper mushrooms! This post contains affiliate links. If you click on the links below and…

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How to Use a Curling Coach ~ Tips on using a quilling tool for more even coils || www.ThePaperyCraftery.com

How to Use a Curling Coach for Quilling

It’s tool review time! One of my favorite parts of my blog! I decided to demo a new tool that I have seen around for a while, but I haven’t used in a tutorial before. I haven’t been able to review quilling tool in a few months and I am excited to share what I learned! This week, I’m sharing some tips on how to use a curling coach for quilling. This post contains affiliate links. If you click on the links…

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