Roll a few big, bold, beautiful blooms! These quilling paper gerbera daisies are made with super-skinny quilling paper for a real “wow”!

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Quilling Paper Gerbera Daisies - Big, bright, beautiful blooms made from thin quilling paper |

The process for making this tutorial has been a long one.

It began with a bunch of 1/16″ quilling paper packages that I have been holding onto since Christmas time.

I had grand plans of trying to create a quilled ranunculus flower, but the number of petals on each blossom completely overwhelmed me.

So, I was on the lookout to use these strips on another flower, then it hit me. Quilled gerbera daisies!

They still have a bunch of petals, but nowhere near as many as the ranunculus. And, the thin strips of paper would allow me to layer the petals, just like on the actual daisies.


All of my 1/16″ quilling sheets have come from Custom Quilling by Denise.

She offers a fairly large selection with quite a few colors, many of them perfect for quilling paper gerbera daisies!

To access her shop, look for her square logo on the side of this page. It will take you right to the site!

For this demo, I’m using Mauve, a dusty pink by Paplin.

First, roll each paper strip into a coil.

Once again, I’m used my savvy slotted tool. It’s a habit now and my go-to tool!

Carefully, remove the coil from the quilling tool, and let it unravel just a bit in your hands.

Try to only let the inside of the coil open up, like in the photo below.

This might take a few practice rolls, but once you get the hang of it, it goes quickly.

You’ll need to make 20 of these coils for each gerbera daisy.

Pinch each side of the coil to make a marquise shape.

Pinching gerbera daisy petals into shape

Paint some all-purpose glue on the underside of each petal to keep the shape.

While your gerbera daisy petals are drying, you can make the centers.

Roll about 30 inches of 1/8″ quilling paper into a tight coil and glue the end to secure.

Push the center out to make a small dome and brush some glue to the underside.

Fringe another strip of 1/8″ paper with small scissors or a commercial fringer.

Glue one end to the dome and wrap the rest around.

Don’t forget to secure the end so the fringed strip doesn’t unravel.

Christmas in July

It’s time to put all your work together!

To build your quilling paper gerbera daisies, place a small dot of glue on the end of 2 of your petals.

Place them opposite each other on your workspace covered in wax paper, and add your center on top.

I like Tacky Glue for this because of it’s speedy drying time.

Next, add 8 more petals by sliding each under the flower center after applying a tiny bit of glue to each.

If this is giving you trouble, you can always arrange 10 petals in a circle with a space in the middle (think like a doughnut shape), then place the center right on top.

It may be easier to fit all your petals in that way.

Now, add the other 10 petals on top as a second layer.

Try to keep the new petals alternating between the ones underneath for a natural look.

It might look a little messy now, but the glue will dry!

After the glue dries, remove you gerbera daisy from your wax paper and use as you like!

Go wild with the colors!

One of the most well-known attributes of a gerbera daisy is their amazing and bright shades.

If you can’t find the 1/16″ paper in the colors you like, you can always cut your 1/8″ in half.

It takes a while, but it’s possible.

I had to do that for the red and the purple daisy, and you can’t really see the difference!

Quilling Paper Gerbera Daisies - Big, bright, beautiful blooms made from thin quilling paper |
Quilling Paper Gerbera Daisies - Big, bright, beautiful blooms made from thin quilling paper |

These quilling paper gerbera daisies just scream SUMMER to me.

They’ll be perfect for a bold addition to your seasonal crafts.

Let me know how they turn out in the comments below!

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