Easily add texture and detail to your papercrafts with pre-cut flower petal quilling strips!

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Flower Petal Quilling Strip Review - Petal shaped pre-cut paper strips for simple rolled flowers | ThePaperyCraftery.com

There are some quilling tools that make me question if they really can be called “quilling”.

This week’s review falls under that umbrella.

I’ve been really intrigued by these flower petal quilling strips for some time now, and I finally picked some up and tried them out.

They appeared to be lengths of paper that had one solid edge and on the other side, a repeated pattern.

When the paper is rolled on a quilling tool, the cut edge would look like a blooming flower!

These pre-cut quilling paper strips are from a company called Bilipala. They didn’t come with any instructions or written materials, but the listing on Amazon states that the package includes 8 patterned strips of 9 colors each.

When my paper arrived in the mail, I was surprised by the length of the strips, even though they are clearly described as being less than 14″ long.

The paper texture is similar to a standard quilling strip. Not as thick as card stock or on-edge strips, so it rolls nicely without any buckling.

I did find that some shapes did make it a little more difficult to roll.

For instance, the edges of the tulip-shaped petals kept running into each other as I turned my quilling tool.

I don’t think the end result suffered from this, but this shape was one that I didn’t really care for from the beginning.

Each design comes in 9 colors.

Some were pastel or muted shades, which I really liked.

There was a lot of fun, bright colors included, too.

Unfortunately, there is no way to choose the colors for each pattern.

As my kids would say “You get what you get, and you don’t get upset!”

I had my doubts about this heart pattern while I was rolling the strips.

The finished results are just ok, in my opinion.

The long, thin petals on these strips made this one of the most successful flowers.

Thes two patterns that really look like flowers when they’re rolled.

I think the little red one looks exactly like a rosebud.

The fringe strips are my favorite!

I think they make a great mum or dandelion.

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One additional note: The solid section of these flower petal quilling strips is a little wider than 1/8th quilling paper strips.

So, if that is your preferred size, be aware that the flowers will sit quite a bit higher than other parts of your quilling.

Then again, most flowers are added for dimension, height, and detail, so you may not mind this at all.

If you are a quilling purist, you may not be interested in these strips at all.

I couldn’t find a way to pinch the flowers into any other shapes at all, so there’s not much to the technique other than rolling and gluing or wrapping around a coiled center.

But they are really fun!

They’re a great way to add some new shapes to your quilling work and I think kids would have a ball with them, too!

Have you ever tried these pre-made flower petal quilling strips?

Do you think they are really quilling? Tell me your thoughts below!

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