Whenever I have a free moment, I like to quill new cupcakes for my shop. They’re one of my favorite designs and seem to be something others like as well.

The tricky part comes in figuring out what color palette to use.  See, I’ve made quite a few of these quilled cupcakes. I could keep to the standard traditional icing colors and pastels, but I need to experiment and keep trying new combinations.

Craft inspiration can be found anywhere. A walk around the neighborhood; the produce stand. Goodness knows you can always lose a few hours scrolling through Pinterest.  Once I had the thought to create a cupcake with gray wrapper and pale yellow icing, I typed those two colors in the Pinterest Search and here’s some of the beauty that I found!

Yellow, gray, red houses

Photo courtesy of fco3.deviantart.net

Gray house yellow door

Courtesy of gallery.apartmenttherapy.com

yellow gray sheets

Courtesy of Lublini.com

Gray and yellow wedding cake

Courtesy of colincowieweddings.com

One of my favorite places to turn for color mixing is a site I ran across some time ago, Design Seeds.

Ice cream cone red yellow

Photo courtesy of CostinM.tumbler


Gray Yellow Red Palette

Courtesy of blog.design-seeds.com


Using submitted photographs or her own, Jessica, the creator of Design Seeds and its sister site, Fresh Hues, generates incredibly rich color swatches like the one above. I can use these palettes as color ideas for my crafting.  I love to use the search option to hunt for new combos.

Even though I use this for quilling, the same approach could inspire anything from interior design to wrapping gifts, quilt making, or crocheting.  I’m pretty happy with the results of my color search for this latest cupcake!


Yellow Gray Cupcake

Finished Yellow and Gray Cupcake

Framed Yellow Gray Cupcake

Where do you find your color inspiration? Leave some advice in the comments below.  We could all use some fresh ideas!

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