Not long ago I was approached to teach a quilling class for a local scrapbooking group.

Because of my expertise (expert, me? what?!?!), I was going to help this group of ladies learn a few basic quilling techniques to create some embellishments to jazz up their scrapbook pages.

I was so excited, ya’ll!

Quilling seashell and waves - How to use quilling for scrapbooking

The original embellishment for class!

I designed a simple idea to coordinate with the class’s monthly theme, which was Seaside. The best part of this new adventure was that I was also encouraged to create some extra embellishments that the ladies could purchase if they wanted to.

And, guess what?

They sold out in minutes! Who knew?!? Apparently these girls were itching for some new doodads for their pages.

Then I was asked for more! This might be a whole new line for my business!

What I’m calling “minis” since they’re each between 1″-2″. And since I was using 1/8″ paper, the finished minis didn’t stick up too far off the pages in the scrapbook albums. Probably not too much higher than most commercially made scrapbooking accessories.

redquillingpieces - How to use quilling for scrapbooking

Red coils waiting to become red crab minis!


quilled paper red crabs ocean beach decor - How to use quilling for scrapbooking

The crab minis seemed to be the most popular, but I created a few strawberries and some suns, too.

strawberry quilling minis - How to use quilling for scrapbooking

The sun minis have some similar techniques to my quilled citrus fruit, with a few different twists (quilling pun, giggle).

how to make a quilled sun yellow paper - How to use quilling for scrapbooking

Quilling the center of the suns

To start, I roll an 8 inch strip of yellow quilling paper.

Then, I stretch it almost all the way out again to make really open coils, and shape it back into the shape I want before I add a few tiny glue dots.

yellowquillingsunshine How to use quilling for scrapbooking

For the sun rays, I used alternating teardrops made from 3 inch and 4 inch yellow strips.

yellow sun quilling - How to use quilling for scrapbooking

Bright and sunny rays!

After gluing the rays all the way around, they really looked like bright, happy suns!

quilling yellow sun minis for scrapbooking - How to use quilling for scrapbooking

So there you have it!  A whole new use for quilled paper. I’d love to hear what other ideas you all have for these minis.

Leave your comments below and share with everyone!

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