How to make quilling paper acorns tutorial using real acorn caps! A quick handmade addition to your autumn DIY craft projects ||

Quilling paper acorns, although totally and completely adorable, aren’t really a new design.

There are a bunch of quilling paper artists designing and selling paper acorn ornaments that are just lovely!

But when I was brainstorming new autumn quilling crafts, it dawned on me….

I could make a quilling paper acorn with real acorn caps!

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Think about it!

It’s the perfect way to add a natural element and a little texture to your quilling and (at least for quillers like me, living on the East Coast in a house under a big oak tree), free and available by the dozen right outside my door!

First thing’s first: collect acorn caps.


If the natural acorn caps are not right there in your backyard like at my house, I did find tons of shops selling them on Etsy.
The ones with the stems are my favorites!


Gently clean your acorn caps with a wet brush ( I have a cheapo toothbrush that’s used just for cleaning, doesn’t everybody?!?)

Acorn Caps for Quilling Paper Acorns

While the caps are drying out, start rolling your acorns!


You will need a bit of paper for these babies:
Small caps will need about 36″ of paper in a tight coil.  Larger might need up to 48″ or more!
You will probably need to glue multiple strips end to end to get a large enough coil to fit snugly in the acorn caps.


TIP! : When coils get to be on the larger side, take the coil off of your quilling tool and roll by hand. It will be a lot more manageable.


Making Quilling Paper Acorns with Natural Caps

Once you’ve gotten your coil to the right size for the acorn cap, let it sit for a moment to allow the glue to dry,

Pieces for Quilling Paper Acorns

And now for the fun part!


Using your finger, gently push our from the center of the coil to create a dome.  You might find that a pencil eraser or some other sort of instrument can be useful to push your paper acorn around too.

UPDATE: I’ve recently purchased a quilling mold and it would be super-helpful for these acorns!

This technique is the basis of 3-dimensional quilling designs and can be used for all types of projects, like these daffodils and flower buds!

For a totally authentic looking acorn, try pushing the very center of your dome out a little further with a quilling tool, or some other thin object.

How to Form Quilling Paper Acorns

To keep your acorn dome looking dome-y, apply glue all over the underside, and spread with a brush. Once the glue is dry, the acorn will keep its shape!

How to Form Quilling Paper Acorns Shells


How to Make 3-Dimensional Quilling Paper Acorns

You’re almost done!

Squeeze a thin line of glue all around the edge of your paper dome and attach an acorn cap.

And there you go!

Forming Quilling Paper Acorns

Experiment with different colors!

I was totally influenced by the painted blue acorns that Beth from Home Stories A to Z has created.

And the shiny copper acorns are seriously my jam!

Multi-colored Quilling Paper Acorns



Decorating with Quilling Paper Acorns

I could just sit and roll these quilling paper acorns all day long!

Fill up a bowl for simple autumn decor or spread them along your Thanksgiving table centerpiece!

Update: Check out my DIY Paper Acorn Garland for some inspiration!

What colors are you going to use to for your quilling paper acorns? Leave a comment below and inspire us!

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