Use my free template to make a sweet little quilling paper beehive filled with tiny bumblebees!

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Quilling paper beehive with 3 small bees | The Papery Craftery

It’s no secret in my house that I love bees!

I think they are such amazing creatures and without them our world couldn’t exist. No flowers, no fruit… they are an integral part of our environment! We must save the bees!

And, because they are one of my favorite subjects, this week I’m sharing a new video tutorial and making a quilling paper beehive.

To start off, you’ll want to print a copy of my beehive template. This is what you’re going to use as an outline of your beehive and bees. You can get your free copy by clicking the image below.

Once you print your tutorial, check out my video tutorial to see all supplies you will need.

This is a great project to practice on-edge quilling and it also lets you play with negative space.

You can customize this project as much as you see fit. Print the template to another size, add more bees, change up the colors… you could even use wider 1/4″ paper strips for a more substantial hive if you like to work with that size.

All the details to make your own beehive is in the video below.

But I did mention in the video that I would leave the dimensions for the teeny bees in this post.

They’re so simple but so cute!

For each bumblebee, you’ll need to make:

  • 1/2″ yellow crescent for the back of the body
  • 1/2″ black crescent for the middle of the body
  • 1/2″ yellow coil for the front of the body
  • 1/2″ black coil for the head
  • 2 1/2″ white teardrops for the wings
  • small strip of black paper to fold, glue, and cut for antenae and stinger

Other than these measurements, you can add as many swirls and scrolls that you like!

I hope you have fun with this tutorial!

If you love bees as much as I do, I think you will! Enjoy your summer everybody!

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