So, so, so much going on in the Craftery house this month.

We’ve had Easter; we’ve had Spring Break; we’ve had swim classes…

We’ve even had two back-to-back plumbing and heating emergencies to fix!


My quilling and blog writing time has been cut in half because everything has been so crazy!

And, so, as much as I was planning on posting a craft tutorial this week, sometimes life happens, and I needed to move some posts around and share something that I’ve been working on for a while…

… a list of my favorite quilling paper colors!

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My Favorite Quilling Paper Colors ~ An easy to follow list of the quilling paper shades I use time and time again! ||

Shopping for quilling paper can be a bit overwhelming.

There are multiple brands, with different lengths and widths, and confusing color names.

Through some trial and error, I’ve started to keep notes of the shades and brands that I keep coming back to again and again.

This has made reordering my favs very easy, and that is the info I’m sharing today.

FYI: I buy the majority of my paper online at Quilling Superstore or Custom Quilling by Denise.

They both offer loads of selection and quick shipping, with some international shipping, and their sites are really easy to use.

Without further delay, let’s jump on in to all my favorite quilling paper colors!


Red can show up orange, or more purple, or pink. I think the best, truest red is the Crimson from Quilled Creations.

I used it to make the perfect poinsettia shade!

Quilling Paper Poinsettia Flowers _ Use a quilling comb to make traditional holiday blooms! __


Quilled Creations’ Melon paper is just about the same shade as the inside of a ripe cantaloupe.

Melon 1/8 1044
And their Orange strips are perfectly orange-y.

Orange 1/8

I use the Pale Yellow from Quilled Creations the most often. I’ve found other yellows are a bit dark for a lot of my projects.

Yellow Pale 1/8


Now, because I make so many flowers and plant tutorials, I go through my fair share of green quilling paper.

I have quite a few recommendations for these!

For a light green, I really like Paplin’s Celery.

Celery 1/8 3155

I also use Meadow Green from Lake City Crafts when I want a bold, kelly green.


5 Types of Quilling Paper Greenery ~ Simple leaves, ferns and other types of greenery to add a little style and realism to your quilling paper flower designs ||

Lake City’s Leaf Green might be the quilling paper that I use more than any other! I usually buy a couple packs at a time. It’s the perfect dark grey-green.


Quilling Paper Eucalyptus and Lavender - Add some rustic, farmhouse quilling to your designs --

There are times when I reach for a brighter green and that’s the Spring Green from Lake City Crafts.

Green Spring 1/8 318


I don’t tend to use a lot of blue in my quilling, but for some reason, I keep collecting new blues.

One of the first packs of papers that I ever purchased was Lake City Craft’s Turquoise.

Turquoise 1/8 321

I used quite a bit of the Light Blue from Lake City for my winter snowflake crown and I really love how it turned out!

Winter Princess Crown ~ A delicate quilling snowflake crown for your favorite winter princess ||

Another blue that I love, but don’t use enough is the Deep Blue from Lake City. It’s the perfect navy.

Blue Deep 1/8

By the way, if you happen to find some packs of Teal from Paplin, snatch that up! It’s a deep, rich jewel tone and I love it!


The paler purple that I prefer is Orchid from Paplin Papers. It’s got a little bit more oomph than other light purples.

Orchid 1/8

And, for a true medium purple, try the Grape shade by Quilled Creations.

Grape 1/8 1300


I’ve been using loads of pinks lately.

Like this Light Pink for my cherry blossoms


My Favorite Quilling Paper Colors ~ An easy to follow list of the quilling paper shades I use time and time again! ||

And this Pale Pink from last week’s water lilies.

Quilling Paper Water Lilies ~ Brush up on your 3D quilling and quilling comb techniques with my latest tutorial ||

I’m also a fan of the Deep Rose strips from Lake City.

Rose Deep 1/8


White quilling paper can be tricky.

There are some whites that are very thin weight paper which can get a little wonky when you roll it.

Quilled Creations’ Bright White is a good, basic white.

Since I mount a lot of my work on white matboard, I generally use Paplin’s Ivory in place of a classic white so it pops against the lighter background.

Ivory 1/8 3103

For a little sparkle, try Quilled Creations’ Platinum White Metallic!



Here’s a nice medium, steely grey that I use quite a bit. It’s Lake City Craft’s Grey.

Grey Light 1/8 3129


There are fewer variations between brands when it comes to black quilling paper. So grab your favorite brand!


Paplin Paper’s Caramel is my top pick for a rich, medium brown.  If you can’t find that, try Quilled Creations’ Pumpkin. It’s more pumpkin-spice, and less orange than the name implies.


Pumpkin 1/8 1050

For a darker brown, I like Lake City’s Chocolate Brown.

Brown Chocolate 1/8


I just recently wrote an entire post about the tricks of working with metallic quilling paper, and there are a few recommendations there about colors too!

My Favorite Quilling Paper Colors ~ An easy to follow list of the quilling paper shades I use time and time again! ||

Please note, the above links and recommendations are all for 1/8″ width strips. Some colors may be available in different size strips.

There are more quilling paper brands than the 3 that I mention here, but these are the most common and easiest to find.

All the quilling pack photos in this post are courtesy of Custom Quilling by Denise.

Click the button below to see everything else she has to offer!


My Favorite Quilling Paper Colors ~ An easy to follow list of the quilling paper shades I use time and time again! ||

I hope this list has helped with some decisions!

Or at the very least, maybe someone will be inspired to design their own system for remembering their go-to colors so the process of reordering quilling papers will start to be a little less daunting.

Do you have any favorite quilling paper colors?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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